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About Sarah Sloan (MSc DC MCC)

Situated in an accessible central Belfast location, SLS Chiropractic and the team from Queens Quarter Clinic offer efficient, effective solutions to back pain, neck pain, headaches and a range of  other musculoskeletal complaints all at affordable prices. Throughout her professional career Sarah has provided highly skilled treatments coupled with a friendly, personalised and patient-centred approach.

Over her career Sarah has worked as a Lead Practitioner in providing Chiropractic care within the NHS, and has completed many specialised courses as part of her ongoing professional development. These include whiplash injuries, Temporomandibular dysfunction, dry needling (basic and advanced), Chiropractic care during pregnancy, paediatric Chiropractic care, sacro-occipital therapy and sports injuries. Sarah is also an international association-certified infant massage instructor and has worked with the government’s Sure Start initiative providing classes for mother and infant in Northern Ireland. She has also represented the Chiropractic profession at the annual garden party at Hillsborough Castle, which recognises the contribution made by a wide range of people to life in Northern Ireland.

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The SLS Team

Our friendly and highly skilled team will take the time to listen, evaluate your overall health, and take your hand through an individually tailored healthcare plan that will change your life for the better.

Sarah Sloan - Principle Chiropractor

Sarah is the Principal Chiropractor and founder of Sarah Sloan Chiropractic. Throughout her professional career Sarah has provided highly skilled treatments coupled with a friendly, personalised and patient-centred approach.

Mark Mullan - Associate Chiropractor

Mark graduated from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in 2014. Initially working in London he applied himself to the perfection of his clinical skills and then specialised in sports chiropractic whilst working at the prestigious Backspace Chiropractic Fitness Clinic in Clapham. Mark believes in a patient centred and empowering approach to Chiropractic, heavy on education and rehabilitation to help patients to help themselves.

Sarah McAvoy - Massage Therapist

Sarah is a registered Level 4 Swedish Massage & Sports Massage Therapist, an Aerial Circus Teacher & a qualified Yoga Teacher for kids and adults. She has treated people from all walks of life, from circus performers and cross-fitters to nurses, office workers, stressed out parents & retirees.

Viktor Gomes - Massage Therapist

Viktor is a qualified level 3 sports massage therapist, hand balancer, an aerial circus teacher and performer. He started sports at young age and he developed an interest in sports massage from having regular treatments to help keep injuries at bay. He loves helping clients identify muscular tightness or imbalances and helping them recover, reduce stress, aches and pain, move better and preventing further pain returning. He offers Swedish, deep tissue, sports and trigger point massages.

Rachel Murdoch - Podiatrist

Rachel Murdoch qualified from the University of Ulster in 2011 with a first class honours degree in Podiatry. Rachel has also had work published in the journal of Physical Therapy reviews. Since graduating Rachel has qualified in soft tissue mobilisation of the lower limb and nail reconstruction. Rachel has gained extensive experience in biomechanics of the lower limb and musculoskeletal podiatry.

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Conditions We Treat

Evidence-based research shows clearly that Chiropractic treatment is successful in treating a wide range of conditions.

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Back pain, leg pain & disc problems

You may be in misery, stress and discomfort, or heavily restricted in your movements because of acute and chronic low back pain. We are trained to identify and treat the causes of back pain.

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Neck pain & whiplash

Whiplash in vehicle collisions causes most injuries to the neck in modern society. We can manipulate, massage and carry out therapy to help restore normal neck movement.

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Joint pain

Suffering from repetitive strain injury (RSI), frozen shoulder, hip and knee pain? We can help you relieve and manage all conditions that affect your joints.

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Headache & migraine

We are trained to diagnose the causes of headaches and then treat you appropriately, or refer you for further investigation or treatment elsewhere.

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Sports injuries

Suffering from runner's knee, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow or some other sports-related injury? Amateur or professional, we can get behind and treat the cause of your injury, rather than just treating the injury itself.

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Wear & tear arthritis

We cannot reverse any degeneration that may have taken place in your joints. But with regular adjustment and manipulation we can help you resist further wear and tear, reduce pain and stay mobile.

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Our Treatments

Evidence-based research shows clearly that Chiropractic treatment is successful in treating a wide range of conditions.

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Chiropractic Adjustments

We rely heavily on hands-on procedures to diagnose structural and functional problems, and we use manipulation techniques known as 'adjustments' to treat these areas.

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Also known as dry needling or western style acupuncture, we use this technique to release spasmed muscles for pain relief.

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To support your recovery we use several soft-tissue techniques including massage, heat and ice. This helps to relax a patient's muscles before a manipulation and also to speed recovery whilst between treatments.

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We have an in house Physiotherapist also available to assist with your care. Physio can work really well in conjunction with our other treatments especially when a more detailed rehabilitation training plan is required.

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Podiatry appointments also available to book not only for biomechanical assessments but also for routine foot care including ingrown toenails, callouses, verrucas, diabetic assessments and vascular assessments.

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Further Imaging

We can refer onwards for private MRI and X-rays when necessary with appointments available at short notice.

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Appointment Information & FAQs

Appointment types and fees – Aka what do we do and how much does it cost?

Initial consultation (1hr- £66*) – The first step along your road to a happy, pain free life. Your consultation will begin with a thorough discussion of the problem you’d like us to solve, as well as your medical history and lifestyle. Following this you and your chiropractor will undertake an in-depth examination of all the muscles, joints and nerves likely to be involved, together these will lead you to a diagnosis. You will then sit with your chiropractor and discuss your diagnosis, what exactly has happened and why, as well as what treatments can be undertaken and how long you can expect to take to improve. Once you thoroughly understand what is ailing you, your first treatment will begin (in all but the occasional case where some kind of further investigation such as blood tests, X-rays, MRI etc are needed). During your first treatment there will also be a discussion of things you should be doing to help your pain ease as quickly as possible.

Follow up appointments (30 minutes- Chiro Treatments- £45* Physiotherapy Sessions- £50*) – Shorter than the initial consultation but still giving lots of time to thoroughly track and treat your complaint. Each follow up appointment will consist of a conversation to establish what has changed since the previous appointment and a re-examination, then a full 20-25 minutes of treatment will be undertaken. Follow up appointments are also where you will be prescribed home rehabilitation to empower you to improve your own musculoskeletal health.

*Concession pricing of £55 and £40 is also available for OAP/Students (and the unemployed)

Your treatment is longer than the average chiropractors, and a little more expensive*, why is that?

At SLS we strongly believe that doing things right takes time. We take a whole-body approach, using not just our chiropractic adjustments, but combining our chiropractic techniques with acupuncture, detailed home rehabilitation and a plethora of muscular relaxation techniques. We also reassess thoroughly at each follow up and take the time to alter our approach and your homework as your body changes.

All of the above takes time, and we believe in allowing for this time to ensure that our patients receive the highest standard of care that we can give. Although this does mean charging a little more than others do for standard 10-15 minutes appointments, the simple fact is that we remain, minute-for-minute, the cheapest chiropractor in Belfast (and quite possibly Britain and Ireland) and we’re very proud of the service we provide.

*The cost of the average chiropractic appointment in Belfast ranges from £25-35

How much will I spend/how long will it take to “fix me”?

The research says that the average chiropractic patient responds to the care within 4-8 treatments, and in our experience this is true. We therefore say that the average number of appointments you will attend is 6, but ask you to bear in mind that

A – These visits will be spread out over 4-6 weeks so the pressure on both your time and finances is spread over a longer period

B – The timing will vary dependent on your response to treatments as every person is an individual, so we do not take any payments in advance and if your pain is resolved in 2 sessions or 4 sessions then that is all you pay for.

What about after my pain has improved, can I see my chiropractor the same way I see my dentist?

Absolutely, the goal of the advice and rehabilitation we give you is to ensure once you are out of pain you have the tools you need to take care of yourself. However, if you decide that you would like some form of ongoing care to help maintain your musculoskeletal health at as high a level as possible – be it for competing as an athlete or for the joys of wrestling with your kids – that is a service we offer. We find that many patients having seen a resolution in their pain choose to remain under chiropractic care, having check-ups anything from monthly to 3 times a year* to keep in the best shape they can!

*Mark begs Sarah to adjust him minimum twice a month, but don’t worry we recognise he’s biased towards chiropractic, being a chiropractor and all that!

Do you offer any other complimentary forms of care?

Yes! Our sister company Queens Quarter Clinic boasts a Physiotherapist, a Podiatrist and a level 3 Sports Massage therapist. We communicate regularly with our colleagues (including nipping in for wee tune ups!) so we know each other’s treatments inside and out and when necessary refer within the two clinics.

You mentioned that sometimes you don't treat on the consultation day so you can refer for other tests?

On average maybe one in fifty patients requires a referral for some kind of further testing before treatment can begin in full, these are matters of safety as some possible diagnoses contradict certain techniques we use and so full investigation in these instances are essential.

As Doctors of chiropractic we can refer directly for X-rays and MRI scans, for other investigation such as blood tests we will write you a referral letter which you can show to your GP to help move quickly through the process of getting such investigations completed.

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Customer Testimonials

Find out what our customers think about our treatments and Chiropractic care.

Duane Farrell

I injured myself at the gym and Sarah was great in treating the injury. Cannot recommend her highly enough

Maureen Butler

'Sarah is my 'go-to person' to 'straighten me out'. She was recommended to me a number of years ago in an emergency. I now go regularly. Thank you, Sarah - highly recommend.

Cathy Cassidy

I highly recommend Sarah, not only for her healing hands but for her professional and caring manner. I've always left her office feeling better!

Kelly Hastie

Sarah is absolutely amazing, I really don't know where my daughter and I would be without her, she has helped both of us so much. Add to that the fact that she is such a lovely genuine person, I can't recommend her highly enough.

Lorraine Gallagher

After 18 months of lower back pain, Sarah got to the root of my problem and alleviated my pain after only 4 sessions. Sarah treated me with warmth and professionalism. Would highly recommend her!!

Neil Davis

Professional, friendly service. Sarah explained everything clearly & made me relax. Excellent!

Geoff Coulter

After a fall I suffered severe pain in both shoulders. I was unable to work and tried various physiotherapists, and other treatments, without success. From the first and subsequent visits I made progress and with her variable treatment I fully recovered. Sarah is a gifted professional to whom I am indebted.

Christine McBride

As a Dressage rider and coach it is vital for me to be in top physical condition to allow me to correctly influence my horse. I had a number of issues with my back and pelvis which Sarah pinpointed and corrected immediately. These had been issues I had previously been coping with for a number of years. I find her extremely knowledgeable, professional and genuine. I now live pain free and much healthier and knowing she is only a phone call away Is hugely reassuring, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Brendan Gillen

Since beginning treatment at the clinic my neck and shoulders feel better than they have for years. Mark Mullan does a fantastic job - clearly explaining the reason behind each adjustment and following up with a thorough programme of stretches and exercise to ensure continued progress in between sessions. I cannot recommend Mark and the team highly enough.

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